3 jan 2000         

- exhaling now -

the incredible amazing traveling y2k party through the decades of the 20th century

It came together beautifully.  After months of preparation, procrastination, dedication, and whining, we pulled off a great party.  When it was over I was the most exhausted I've been since the 1970's, and three days later I still feel it in my legs and back.  I'll tell you all about it later.  Everything about me needs a rest and that's why this entry is so brief.

I feel as if my brain has been in the planning mode since mid-August, what with Viv's folks' 50th wedding anniversary celebration, Christmas, and this party.

My final effort at planning is an attempt to put together a cogent report on the festivities that will exist on their own pages, a project that I hope to have done by mid-January.  

I'm just glad the giant hump is behind me.  And if that's not a straight line, I don't know what is.


  today's music:

"Will It Go Round In Circles" -- Billy Preston -- THE BEST


today's wisdom:

"The test of a people is what they can do when they're tired."

- Winston Churchill