Even after declaring my disinterest in awards for online journals, I can declare with clear conscience my support of and agreement with Chuck's shameless plea for votes in the quest for the title of Cool Site of the YearMission: Hang It Up is not a journal, but a stand-alone creature that we raised on a platform almost a year ago and it has been hit ever since by the lightning of media attention.  "Alive... alive... it's ALIVE!"  Even if you're among the villagers who carry torches and rope, please do stop by the voting booth and put a check mark by the Mojave Phone Booth.  You'll make two old men very happy.

Thank you.


  today's music:

"Simple Twist Of Fate" -- Bob Dylan -- BLOOD ON THE TRACKS


today's wisdom:

"Most people prefer nuts in their shells, as they then have the pleasure of overcoming a small difficulty."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson