- olduvai gorgeous -

This will be mercifully brief, omitting details of my sudden and extraordinary capacity to irrigate my immediate surroundings with loose and flowing snot from this cold.  I'm just going to plug ahead with an account of how I've been busy but had neither the time nor the wherewithal to write about it.

Unlike most colds, this one hasn't slammed me down.  This cold is a mild lingerer, difficult to commit to fully, and therefore much more annoying.  My brain, clouded not by medicine but by a belief that it is functioning properly, says go ahead, write some paragraphs, fix that dial-up problem, rake those leaves.  But whatever task lies ahead is nipped in the bud either by my need to absorb the issues or by a tendency to just stare off into space after two or three minutes.  I get snapped back into focus by the phone ringing, or the cat clawing to be fed, but it lasts, again, only a minute or two.  Forgive the pun, but this is indeed a viscous circle.  

In my right mind, I would never have said that.


Here are the glaring omissions of my recent non-journaling...

sniffle sniffleWhile in San Diego two weekends ago, besides the airshow, we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  Had fun.  Saw things.  Interesting things.  Neglected to mention it.

Back on October 4th, the new neighbors across the street had a baby.  That's a huge deal.  Skipped over it completely.

Amy's right leg is in a cast.  She's okay, but then how would you know?

I've had problems with my dial-up service which have sent me into my usual downward spiral of frustration born of not being in control and having to wait on hold while my "call is very important to us."  While my nose leaks.  Internet service: slow.  My sinuses: incredible bandwidth.

Viv has the week off.  That's the theory, anyway.  The phone rings a lot more, the kitchen table is home to all kinds of movie studio paperwork, but still she's sticking to the story that she's off this week.


I feel old.  Really old.  Zinjanthropus old.

I'm going to lie down now, watch the rest of this World Series game on TV, and then sneeze myself to sleep.


  today's music:

"Fevered Egos" -- Bill Hicks -- BILL HICKS RANT IN E MINOR


today's wisdom:

"There is no such thing as inner peace. There is only nervousness or death."

- Fran Lebowitz