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Identify this type of aircraft and win a prize !The air show last weekend was largely a ground show due to a low ceiling and restricted visibility.  The light drizzle didn't dampen Amy's enthusiasm for aircraft though, a budding passion that thrills me beyond reason.  Flying is my First Big Love, and to recognize flashes of that in my child is akin to what Mr. Rockefeller must've felt when he saw his little Johnny take to the smell of cash.  There is some question as to whether Mr. Rockefeller felt anything at all other than the golden goose he got from handing out dimes, but that's beside the point.

My daughter is an enthusiastic person by nature.  Her imagination is fertile, and she puts the monster in demonstrative.  I'll often stand at the bedroom window to watch her play in the backyard and see her spinning a world made up of bubbling urges and a child's love.  This is her ground for accessing dreams and processing hurts, and one of the few places where she can exercise complete control as Pilot In Command.  She's going to fly beautifully one of these days.  To a great degree, she already does.


In an earlier entry I mentioned my Conversational Spanish teacher whose skill the majority of students in the class are unaware of.  I enjoy watching her technique at eliciting responses from us and doing so in a manner that tries to keep us from thinking in English.  She's a quick-minded woman in her 50's, born in Argentina, who commands with seriousness and sharp wit.

Her style and personality remind me very much of two other language teachers I've had, both French teachers, who were also a mix of great mind speed and tutorial severity.  What is it about this particular field?  Is it the verbal facility that enlivens the mind?  The mastery of rules and structure?  When paying attention to a student, theirs is a deep sharp focus tuned for perfection yet forgiving, with a world-wise confidence that lets you know you will lose any argument you try with them.  That's very engaging to me.  Half the fun of being in class is watching her work.


April is speeding by, and we're going to have to commence with starting to begin to initiate the onset of figuring out the schedule for The Great Backyard Renovation Project.  The idea is to get rid of the old lawn, roto-till, repair one of the sprinkler lines, rewire the electricity to the pool area, build a fire pit, lay in flagstone around it, seed a new lawn, have the enormous (huge) tree trimmed, and be finished with it all in less than three weeks.  

That's the idea, anyway.

Of these projects, I'm most concerned about the enormous (huge) tree.  Many of its limbs (huge) extend over the house, and I have disturbing visions (huge) of them crashing through the roof and impaling my laptop.  Not to mention my computer.  A good argument for hiring bonded and insured tree trimmers.

With sweat, insurance, and strong rope, we should have ourselves a good party house come summer.


And one last thing.  Way to go, MIT.


  today's music:

"It Never Entered My Mind" -- Coleman Hawkins/Ben Webster -- TOO MARVELOUS: A COLLECTION OF JAZZ CLASSICS


today's wisdom:

"Lacking a proper vocabulary, people find it hard, not only to think about the most important issues of life, but even to realize that these issues exist."

- Aldous Huxley