blood, sweat & drool


The running. I said I was going to do it. So I ran. Okay, so I walked, I lied. Viv and I went out to the local park that has a jogging trail around the soccer fields and we walked for three miles. But it was fast walking, really it was. Our feet even made little dust clouds, I swear. Okay, it's nothing close to what I used to do before "the troubles", but it's a start. Gotta start. It was the first thing we did together yesterday after Amy caught the bus for school.

Alright, I lied. It was the second thing. The first thing was we zipped over to Jamba Juice to satisfy my serious smoothie jones. Everybody knows this about me. For birthdays and Christmas I get Jamba stuff. I have hats and shirts and mugs. All the gift certificates have been spent. I've tried the others, the start-up that went into the vacant mall space, the knock-off that went in over at the new shopping center, but nope, they ain't got it. Jamba's got a consistency and flavor that hasn't been beat. Now, when it comes to the little powders they put in, the "boosts", I have my doubts. I'm not really certain about the effects of most of that stuff (except the ma huang, but I don't know if they still put that in their Energy Boost since ephedrine has been so scrutinized lately). But I am Lemming Boy when it comes to placebo effect. Give me an herb and say it'll make my elbows more glamorous and, by golly, they do look a little more elegant now, don't they, hunh?

This particular Jamba Juice store went into business almost three years ago. It's the kind of place where they take your name when you give your order and when it's up they call out your name and what you ordered. This is fine if you get the "Powerboost with Energy", but be careful - I've noticed that the "Coldbuster with Immunity" can cause people to move upwind from you. I usually give a pseudonym when a place asks me for my name. From the day they opened (I told you it was a serious jones) I've used the same fake name with them and now they yell out my fake name when I walk in. I feel like Norm on Cheers, if he were a pathological liar.

The whole thing makes me feel kind of dirty.

But it's a good kind of dirty.

So we got the drinks and did the walk (fast walk, really, we were sweaty and everything). There was some cloud cover and that brought the temperatures down from what they've been lately, but with the humidity we may as well have been in Panama.

Later in the afternoon my little town actually did turn into Panama as a severe T-storm brought 60mph winds, hail, lightning (with brushfires), and a half-inch of rain in eight minutes. There may have been a tornado. Twenty power poles came down onto our main street and left people trapped in their cars covered in live wires. It was really fun.

We just don't get that kind of excitement around here.

I was glued to the scanner and I had the Weather Channel dialed in on the TEEvee blarin' out them warning beeps to go along with that red emergency crawl along the bottom of the screen, and I was flipping through other channels looking for the winner in the Race of the Telecopters. Sirens wailing in the background, the distant echoes of cars aqua-planing and skidding down near the wash, oooh baby, does that get my blood up. I gotta put a skylight in my office here so that when the newschoppers are circling I can look up and see myself seeing myself see myself.

You don't think there's anything wrong with that, do ya?

Maybe it's them little powders.


Today's Music:

"Walkin' My Baby Back Home" -- Nat King Cole -- NAT KING COLE: THE CAPITOL COLLECTOR'S SERIES


Wisdom of the Day:

"Too much attention to health is a hindrance to learning, to invention, and to studies of any kind, for we are always feeling suspicious shootings and swimmings in our heads, and we are prone to blame our studies for them.

- Plato (The Republic)