felixir 1.13.99

I found the "stamina" drink to be ineffective, and this, coupled with the results from the previous testing, leads me to conclude that these drinks, though tasty, don't offer me the life-transforming properties I'm looking for in a beverage.

So I'll stick to chocolate, astrology, and "my stories" on daytime TV.

I'm sorry if you had high hopes of finding the Grail of Magic with me and using the new-found potion to bring the wonder of your life into full bloom. My Psychic Friend tells me that solutions to life's problems are not easily found, and boy, was she ever right. She's been right a lot lately. She was right when she told me not to give money to that man who was selling snipe nets. And she was right about there being exotic travel in my future, also. I don't want to come off like I'm bragging or anything, but there's a good chance we may be driving up to Pismo Beach next summer. I know, the anticipation is killing me too.

Well, that's about all I have to say right now. I just wish they'd get that darn Michael Jordan off the TV so I could get back to Port Charles. I mean, so retire already.

Wanna see a picture of my cat?

today's music:

"Kitten On The Keys" -- Gaylord Carter - THE HOME VIDEO ALBUM


today's wisdom:

"There is nothing so simple that it cannot be made difficult."

- Merle P. Martin