17 feb 1999  

cold calling

Germs are amassing at the border of my well-being and I'm just gonna let the little bastards in and get this thing over with. I hereby wave the white Kleenex of surrender. C'mon in, boys, go right for the throat, move into the head, and then come out the chest like you always do.

Living well never fails to ruin my health. I start eating right, exercising, and then BAM, a cold virus comes galloping in, looking to exact its pound of phlegm as revenge for my being such a good boy. This means the upcoming week is doomed to a cycle of bed rest, television, and removal from the duty roster of chores. Damn.

* * * * * * *

For a few weeks now, one of the phone lines coming in to my underground lair here has been growing progressively noisy. This morning, in a fit of responsibility, I called the phone company to have them come out and fix it. My suspicion was that some form of rodentia had nibbled its way through some insulation somewhere. Two hours after my initial report, the Phone Guy came jingling up to my door, loaded for bear, or tree rat, or whatever. After showing him into the backyard where he surveyed the situation, I retreated back into my lair to do my man-about-the-house things. After about a minute, he got back into his van and went to lunch. But not before disconnecting my line completely.

He returned two hours later, this time with another technician driving a second truck, a big one with ladders and cabinets and such, and together they spent the next hour and a half replacing the line from the pole to the house.

"Just got old." they said, in almost perfect unison.

Yes, it's been a big big day around here. Big big big.

* * * * * * *

The only other thing I have to say, before I plop face-first into my lofty goose down comforter, is that I've put up a new round of photographs in the Lux Ipsa Loquitur section of this site (my lack of activity hereabouts recently is due in large part to my fiddling around with film and paper). I left up three of the photographs from the previous series because I liked them, but the rest are seeing the light of day for the first time. Go look.

today's music:

"I've Waited So Long" -- Cal Tjader -- BLACK ORCHID


today's wisdom:

"It is more important to know what kind of patient has the disease than what kind of disease the patient has."

- Sir William Osler