10 may 1999




To: Mr. And Mrs. America and All The Ships At Sea

Subject: I Am Not Dead

Viv had last week off. Those of you who are aware of my domestic situation and its capacity for solitude will understand the need and desire I have to spend as much time with my wife as possible.

So we did stuff together.

We lunched out.

We shopped for plants and building materials.

We gardened.

And other stuff.

We attended Amy’s karate class, her basketball club, and her swimming lessons, and we felt very much like proud parents the whole time.

In between events and errands we did some shopping and packing because…

We spent the weekend in Fresno. More precisely, Clovis. Clovis is the square root of Fresno, an enclave of bedrooms and strip malls nestled on its northeast corner, which when observed through a non-critical eye is really quite pleasant, as long as it’s not summertime. Clovis will attract you if you are keen on deconstruction of American towns because, like so many other places, it has become self-conscious. Like the dowager who gets whistled at, she’s spruced up her quaint main drag and taken to ice cream parlors and cafes.

Viv, Amy, and I went up there for Mothers Day and a charity race.

But more about that later.

I’m just here to say I’m not dead yet, I haven’t been done in by a giant kidney stone, and I haven’t taken my sabbatical from the online world. I’ve simply been busy with my family and the folks that it’s connected to.

Right now I have to mow and fertilize my lawn (way overdue), develop some photographs, respond to some e-mail, and gosh this is my best entry ever, don’t you think?



today's music:

Just humming in my head, really. No time to fire up the cd player.


today's wisdom:

"People seldom speak ill of themselves, but when they have a good chance of being contradicted."

- Fulke Greville


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