30 june 1999  

is this the party to whom i am speaking?

most happy fellas

Chuck and Steve once again wait to welcome you...

It promises to be quite an event out there tomorrow. We're shooting for a noontime arrival (depending upon the crowd at Denny's). There's no way of knowing how many folks are going to join us at the booth itself, but you can be a part of it, have your participation officially logged in as part of the whole shebang by giving us a call. Don't miss out. You may get a busy signal, but this time it'll be because it's actually busy. Keep trying. Be the first on your block.

That number again:

(760) 733-9969

(760) SEE-XXOX


today's music:

"Ebb Tide" -- Martin Denny -- EXOTICA II


today's wisdom:

"No guts, no glory."

- Saying (American)

other booth sites:

The Original Godfrey

Mission: Hang It Up

Andria's MDPB site

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