For some time now, whenever a new entry has been posted, I've placed one of my photographs on the index page of the journal.  While I've tried to have the image relate in some way to the subject of the entry it introduced, their relationship may not always have been clear.  But clarity isn't everything, particularly when combining two media.  In fact, some fuzziness may be called for.  It may prompt in you a synthesis I had not imagined, or stir up some subconscious semiotics floating around in your nether regions.  That would be nice.

Photographs are fine by themselves, probably even better that way, and if I could find it within myself to just shut up once in a while the photographs might be easier to pay attention to.

With that in mind, I have made this gallery.  Not all of the images are as they originally appeared on the negatives.  The first 32 photographs are in horizontal format and were used when the index page was laid out differently.  In those images, the word "Evaporation" is digitally integrated into the scene to serve as a sort of title banner for this journal.  The current layout of the index page allows for the placement of photographs in a vertical format, and as that page contains a separate title banner, the final 28 photographs are unretouched.