- 17 may 2002 -

O vital Youth,
Lithe spirit of blushing bloom.
Mere echo now
Is mine,
Abounce within dark mem'ry's walls.
My balls.

This day I mark
A First with blackened blood
Upon a greying calendar.
A man, 
A clerk in bookshop near inquired of me
"How old are thee?"

To him I grinned
In knowledge of the business ways.
His query meant 
To lift
My weight, what Luck! What Luck!
I'll save a buck!

Perhaps I looked
Two score and five to his
Discerning eye, thought I.
It is,
You know, the Truth...
Methinks the bastard's blind to youth.

For from his mouth
Spilled this offer of discount
Available for my likes --
Percent off, age fifty-five." he said.
I want him dead.



And on that note, I begin year number five of Evaporation.

Thanks for reading.


  today's music:

"When You Are Old" -- Roscoe Lee Browne -- MURMURS OF THE HEART


today's wisdom:

"Youth is a blunder; manhood, a struggle; old age, a regret."

- Benjamin Disraeli

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