- ooh, hot new summer format! -

Just like the teeny little hairs on a blonde girl's cheek, I'm lightening up for the summer.  Smooth and Soft, yes, that's the theme of my journaling campaign this season, even though the season doesn't officially begin for a few more weeks yet.  I'm tired of hashing through the subject of disabilities just now, tired of it.  For a while anyway.  Stress and anxiety?  Pffft.  So no worries mate, just an easy-going breezy time here on the sand.  Hungry?  Heck, lemme just throw another eel on the barbie.  Mmmm, listen to that sizzle.

Speaking of slippery things that are hard to get a handle on, Viv and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and if you count the five years of shacking up before we told our troth, well, that's a good solid 20 years of... um... bonds.


The secret project is moving along apace.  I'm excited.  'Nuff said.


A journalist from Poland will be coming into town in the next few days to probe my understanding of the Mojave Phone Booth adventure of a few years ago.  For some reason, Europeans seem to be disproportionately fond of the American Desert, the Mojave in particular, and the booth specifically, and I continue in my role as Goodwill Ambassador to all peoples of the globe.

I've always wanted to be a Goodwill Ambassador.  It's right up there with Special Envoy, Impresario, and Source Close to the Investigation, and it looks damn nice on a CV.  I fear, however, that even if I self-proclaim till the cows come home, I'll be described, ultimately, by a neighbor, a witness, or a source close to the investigation as "kind of a loner."  It's the goatee.

I suppose it wouldn't be inappropriate to add "sporadic online journal keeper" to that resumé since my updates have dwindled considerably.  That seems to have happened to a pack of us who all used to run together quite separately, some of us Archipelagans, back in the much-hailed Tungsten Age of online journaling.

Did I mention that besides wading around in the shallow end, this summer campaign of non-quality entries includes a disregard for beginnings, middles, and ends?


  today's music:

"Mambo De Los Dandies" -- Nicola Conte -- JET SOUNDS


today's wisdom:

"There's a time in every man's life and I've had plenty of them."

- Casey Stengel