- 3 nov 2004 -


I'm tempted to simply lie down in the backyard and wait for snow to cover me up.  This is not the most appropriate reaction to what happened in yesterday's presidential election, but right now it would be a very comfortable personal exit strategy.  Or is it strategery?  I forget.  On the other hand, I know it's also not a good idea to go all ballistic and nuculer because it would cause the folks lacking the capability of critical thought to stare and/or go on about Jesus, so I won't scream, even though it can be good for one's constitution.

I could pour Heinz ketchup on my wound and cry foul, but that would be empty theater.  Or is it catsup?  I forget.  All I know is I'm a vegetable.  

The party of chicken tenders has won out over the party of lean sliced turkey breast and you're going to have to eat it all up if you want any dessert, young man.

I'm fine, really.  It's just that yesterday was an incredibly exhausting week.


  today's music:

"Triste" -- Antonio Carlos Jobim -- WAVE


today's wisdom:

"One question, among the many others raised in recent weeks, had to do with whether my financial support in any way influenced several political figures to take up my cause. I want to say in the most forceful way I can: I certainly hope so."

- Charles Keating

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