From time to time, web surfers out there have come across my journal, liked it, and made mention of it on their own pages.  This has been very gratifying to me, and there are many good writers out there.  I have linked to some of them on another page which has been up for some time, but unless you've found the hyperlink in the graphic on my journal index page, that page is accessible only through referrer logs of the pages they link to.

Today there is an entry in one of those journals that has resonated with me to such an unusual degree that I must make note of it here and ask you to read it.  The writing is a beautiful mix of craft and experience, an experience in some ways not far from my own, and the writer, Jane, consistently produces some very honest and moving pieces.

I want to thank the other folks out there who've already linked to her for pointing the way to:

A Little Peace of Me


  today's music:

"Minor Swing" -- David Grisman -- THE DAVID GRISMAN QUINTET


today's wisdom:

"An honest tale speeds best being plainly told."

- William Shakespeare